Gemälde   2001 - 2005

               Ententanz                                                                man on border

      pittura 8                                           serenada la luna

pittura I                                    red bimbo                               pittura III

                                       red black frame                                   angel being                                fish with glasses II  - for UNICEF  ( not available )

uranus life                                    Rilke II - Sonnenuhr                                       Leid  II

fish with glasses - for UNICEF                                 Leid I                                Rilke I - Flamingos

          turtle with winding tail                            magic window                              Pfau am Himmelsblau   I / II

    Crusoe im All

         cherry moon                            man on mars & children                          solnze swetit II

ballon's life  I ( not available )            ballon's life   II                                                  children with toys ( Kinderbild )  n.a.

                                   bambataa sol mare                     bambataa vogue - Volkskunst      bambataa stigmata - Held der Arbeit ( not available )

          smooth universe                             smooth universe II                                absinth depression II

         absinth depression                       melange green currant                        bouncing 70's ( not available)

die tanzenden DrEI                                       purple life                                                   smooth love


                                         carneval in Rio             colour frame  ( not available )           venus night                       fruit looping

carneval in Rio II  ( n.a.)              panflute symphony (n.a.)         red bouncing ( n.a.)                 tano style

Himmel über Dresden  (n.a.)       irresistible - dedicated to Stephanie von Monaco                 one morning in alicante II  (n.a.)            aqua alga
verschenkt an das Fürstenhaus Monaco


                                                                freelove (n.a.)                                    blue vibes                               space 7

 freelove II    (n.a.)                        one night in paris II                              one night in paris I


                                                                              middle way  (n.a.)                                       tropicana III (n.a.)

                                allegro                                    dimension 01                        regatta (n.a.)                                         shoots