Gemälde   2006 - 2008

       la marana celeste ( not available )              suspendido entre cielo y tierra ( not available )                 el envero girotario

                     red tampa sun                      colourful night composition              colourful infinity (n.a.)            time tube and everything

         Solar Vertebrata                   circle pattern                  Solar Invertebrata                  Sol Portuguese          yellow-orange composition

                ohne Titel                   the community of kingdom sun                nature night

                                spring fantasy                             ways to nowhere                 Sol Pinesse VII (n.a)     (mit Vase 6 )

                            summer inspiration III                          70's pattern                                    Sol Pinesse VI
                                                                                                                                  verschenkt an das Fürstenhaus Monaco

       dolphin's life                              red composition                           the middle way to blue III

  the middle way to blue                                                            summer in love I / II                                                           Sol Francaise

Sol Pinesse   1 /  3  / 4  / 5         2 not available

                               more ...  ( not available )                                 wild summer dream                              noche delicado

tropical celebration           the female angel II - blue hand man            summer emotion                      tropical late night

            summer lounge            strange listening                late lounge                                  Sioux                         Sivesternacht  ( not available  )

         little man in universe               female angel  ( not available )          the blue snake ( available, overworked 2011 caused ba damage )              summer inspiration

  Kirschblüten II  ( not available )                          the brave fighter

    family in love on rainy day ( not available )                       big man in universe                              the dancing clown

  two sea horses                             time isn't  knowledge                                                                 la guapa

   fiebre de verano ( not available )                                       fiebre de verano 2

    fiebre de primavera                                                 fiebre de otono                                                       fiebre de invierno

  el cielo                             el cielo 2                               el cielo 3

the laughing squirrel (  not available )                                           creation elegance                                                      flying carpet at night

Das Sein und das Nichts - in Gedenken Sartre

                              phase II                     the dimensional transcendence of hyperspace