Gemälde 2010

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untitled 07/10                                                                                                      playing animals I / II

                                                    composition summer 10 / I-IV                                                                                                     abstract sky

           composition de colores dom  2 / 3

    coloured confusion ( not available )                                                                      chinese scope - spring morning
acryl on canvas

            Canto del cisne  (n.a.)              Retro composition 04/10           Retro composition 04/10  II          Composition de colores dom (n.a.)
acryl on canvas 30x40                                                                                  acryl on paper                                                                               acryl on canvas   18x13

blue red squares                                       diving circles                                               square roots
acryl on canvas 30 x 40                                              acryl on paper                                                          acryl on canvas 40 x 50

southern eruption ( not available )                                     stairways of love
acryl on canvas  30x40