poroni  black'n white modern art   2001 / 2002

dimension 01
prophetic words
regatta        not available

PORONI ART   2002 - 2016

irresistible - dedicated to Stephanie von Monaco    not available
Himmel über Dresden       not available
panflute symphony      not available
red bouncing      not available
red bouncing II      not available
tano style
             arabian silvester   not available
tropicana  I
tropicana  II     not available
tropicana  III    not available
tropicana  IV    not available
sun melody   not available
green life    not available
green life II
green life III   not available
green life IV
red life   not available
middle way    not available
bouncing 70's     not available
glory     not available
glory II      not available
  aqua alga   not available
aqua alga II    not available
female pride    not available
 blue vibes
 greek rain   not available
        greek rain II     not available
            fish  fresh  fish           not available
carneval  in Rio
 carneval in Rio II   not available
colour frame    not available
 smooth love
 chinese boobs    not available
one night in paris I
one night in paris II
one night in paris III     not available
melange tropic currant     not available
melange green currant
absinth de pression
absinth depression II
tender dreams      not available
tender dreams II    not available
magnolia sun    not available
space 7
golden being     not available
brasilian  myst   I / II        not available
one morning in alicante I    not available
      one morning in alicante II     not available
 one morning in alicante  III
bambataa stigmata - Held der Arbeit         not available
bambataa vogue - Volkskunst
bambataa sol mare - der Regentourist
ballon's life       not available
ballon's life II
freelove I       not available
freelove II      not available
freelove III
Mohn I
fruit   looping
venus night
venus life   not available
YoYo Tokyo    not available
purple life
purple life II
die tanzenden DrEI
children with toys      not available
smooth universe I   not available   / II
Crusoe im All
man on mars & children
aquarium skater I  /   II   /  III       not available
Bimbambino im Casino
solnze  swetit   I / II
magic window
Pfau am Himmelsblau I / II    Kleinaquarell  29x 21 cm
cherry moon
blue sunrise
    currant garden
turtle with winding tail
Rilke I - Flamingos
Rilke II - Sonnenuhr
Uranus life
fish with glasses I - IV  -    for  UNICEF  ( III  and  IV   not available )
red black  frame
angel being
Leid I / II
the red bimbo I - III
pittura I  -  VIII
yellow frame
serenada la luna
composition sky
man on border
cosmic love I   not available   / II
things         not available
     the dimensional transcendence of hyperspace
Das Sein und das Nichts - in Gedenken Sartre
phase I / II
the laughing squirrel     not available
creation elegance  I   /  II
flying carpet at night
el cielo 1 - 3
fiebre de primavera  I  / II   /  III is  not available
fiebre de verano      I   not available  /   II
fiebre de otono I  /  II
fiebre de invierno
ohne Titel
    two sea horses
    la guapa
    time isn't knowledge
   Kirschblüten  I  / II      not available
    the brave fighter
 family in love on rainy day    not available
   yellow pink frame I / II
   big man in universe  /  little man in universe
 female angel   ( not available ) /  female angel II - blue hand man
 summer inspiration I / II / III
   the blue snake        not available
   the dancing clown
square frame 01
summer lounge
late lounge I / II
strange listening
Silvesternacht ( not available )
tropical celebration
summer emotion
tropical late night
noche delicado
wild summer dream
more ...       not available
Sol Pinesse 1 - 8   (  2 / 6/ 7/ 8  not available )
Sol Francaise
the middle way to blue  I - III  ( II  not available )
summer in love  I  / II
70's pattern
red composition     not available
dolphins life
ways to nowhere
spring fantasy
Solar Vertebrata / Solar Invertebrata
the community of kingdom sun
nature night
Sol Portuguese  ( not available )
ohne Titel
circle pattern
yellow-orange composition
time tube and everything
colourful infinity  I / II    ( I  not available )
photon era       not available
colourful night composition ( not available )
red Tampa sun
                suspendido entre cielo y tierra      not available
 el envero girotario    ( not available )
la marana celeste     ( not available )
traveller in love   I  ( not available ) /  II
golden composition
design pattern 1 / 2
untitled  2 x
que poco I - VI
     Schwebende Figur am morgendlichen Firmament
Schwebende Figur am nächtlichen Firmament
Sol Pinesse 2009  I  / II         ( not available )
Der Reiter und das goldene Pferd  I - IV   ( II, IV   not available )
Mosaik a la PORONI
Das Segelschiff
Der Lichtbringer
70's circle style
colourful fauna
composition august 09  I / II
night flower  I / II
colourful sea travel - a children picture
Sol Blue I / II
structure lines
Farbstudie 09-09   I / II
Solar Fauna
krasnui dschas - roter Jazz
one world - one future : 3 big cities ...
abstract composition 09  I / II
man of golden cage
composition IL
diver's arrival
modern composition 1209
southern eruption ( not available )
stairways of love
diving circles
square roots
 Canto del cisne  1 / 2    ( not available )
Retro composition 04/10    I /  II
Composition de colores dom  I - III  ( I  not available )
blue red suqares
chinese scope - spring morning
coloured confusion ( n.a.)
composition summer 10 / I-IV
abstract sky
untitled 07/10
playing animals I / II
abstract composition 1/11
dragons of color
insect life       not available
marine life      not available
fun world
rainbow man
fun city  1 / 2
bubbles world  1 / 2
archaeo-physical thoughts
coloured inspiration
southern love      not available
I'll save you
Farbraster I      not available
Azul  I - III
Verde - Phykos  I / II
summer fountain      not available
We swing
Die Rückkehr
Aquanaut      ( not available )
Galaxonaut ( not available )
sunset circles  ( not available )
fuego cubano
Strahlemann am Meer
Strahlefrau am Meer
southern love 2
   Sol Finesse I
Sol Finesse II
 swinging mood   I  /  II
   rotating red universe    ( not available )
artist's heaven
E.T. on pool   ( not available )

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